The incredible Angkor Wat

Midway through our cruise in South East Asia we arrived in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, ready for our excursion to Angkor Wat. Overnight bags packed, and passport documents ready, we left the ship with 34 other passengers. We were immediately divided into two groups and boarded separate buses with a tour guide. Our itinerary had been given […]

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Notes From The Sea

Years ago Charles and I, our three sons, and my father-in-law, sailed together on a rented bare boat in the Caribbean. We loved our adventure, and when we swiftly passed by a cruise ship we all said we would never travel that way. Never say never. Soon after that, one of our dearest friends was […]

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Notes from the Road: The Far East Part 1

Heading Charles’ bucket list has always been a trip to Hong Kong and Singapore, with Angkor Wat in the mix. Top of my list was South Africa, and if you are following my blogs you will know what a fantastic trip that was last year. See,,, . Now it was time […]

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