Happy Holidays and Festive Season

This is a time of reflection. As I mentioned in an earlier blog I am now 75 years old and my life is flooded with vivid memories of times past, and excitement about the future. I celebrate Christmas and Hunukah in Florida, and try to include friends who do not have family close by, to be part of our dinners. This year Charles and I will not be visiting our children up north for various reasons, but we will embrace Face Time and that will have to suffice.

I love the decorations and my tiny Christmas tree, and look forward to setting the tables for both holidays.This year we will do Hunukah near the end of that holiday and Christmas first. Our Christmas meal will include gravlax or marinated salmon made by my dear friend, Sheila, who will be at our dinner. We will drink Acquavit with this. Then I will roast a fresh turkey that I stuff with rye bread and challah, sage, and onion. I use a cooking film over the turkey so that it cooks at a high temperature for a shorter period of time, and it is crisp on the outside and moist inside. I season it with oregano, thyme, and sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon. I make gravy from the drippings, whipped potatoes, carrots with chives, and Brussel sprouts that are cut thin and sautéed with bacon and onions. A gorgeous chocolate ganache cake will be dessert. Yum.

For Hunukah, I will serve smoked salmon on potato pancakes attached with yoghurt and dill. Then I will serve a half stuffed cornish hen to each person,  and usually I will throw in an apricot or two into the stuffing. I make gravy and I think I will do smashed potatoes, boiled new potatoes with their skins, that I smash with a spoon and then roast in the oven with a bit of rosemary sprinkled on top and olive oil to give them a bit of crunch. I will serve cooked red cabbage and some carrots. Dessert will be my home made apple and berry crisp. I slice peeled apples that are tart, mix in a  squeeze of lemon and some cinnamon, then top it off with the crisp made from a half cup of each, butter, brown sugar and flour. I bake this at 400F until the topping is crisp, and the apples and berries, such as raspberry and strawberry and black berry soften.  Sometimes I offer a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Riki and Oscar waiting for guests in Toronto before a party, all dolled up


Hanukah table last year
and new centrepiece for this year’s Christmas dinner



tiny Christmas tree on lanai in Florida

Charles and I as well as little Oscar, wish you and yours a healthy and happy festive season and an exciting new roaring 20’s.


One thought on “Happy Holidays and Festive Season

  1. Dinners sound yummy, I am sure your guests had a wonderful time.
    Photos are beautiful.
    So belated seasons Greetings and here’s to a happy, healthy 2020!!
    Cheers Anne


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