During my performing years I spent a great deal of time learning repertoire, performing operas and concerts, travelling to engagements, and bringing up a child. I would meet other performers for brief sojourns and keep in touch, but I never experienced the fun and camaraderie of girlfriend time. My sister has always been my best […]

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Vancouver weekend

Vancouver has always been a healing city for me. After my divorce in the Yukon, I moved to Vancouver and started a career as an opera singer. (See my book Aria: Song of Life for details of my adventures). After a few years, I moved back to Toronto and went to the university there. Then in […]

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More Oh Canada

After our marvellous east coast visit to Newfoundland last summer, (see Oh Canada) we decided to give equal time to the glorious west coast of British Columbia, namely Vancouver Island. One of my fondest memories of Victoria was years ago, when my daughter Carrie was alive, and a boisterous 3-year-old. I was singing with the […]

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Invasion of the Body Parts

When I buy a new car I expect it to run for a few years before I have to fix anything major. It is the same for household appliances, bikes, computers, roofs, grass. You name it. Everything has a design life or so it seems; even us. The list of parts and repairs that we […]

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Generation Gap ?

This being a senior (Yikes! see first blog) does have its pluses. One, is being a grandparent. The ‘I love you Nana’ from Rose 9 years, and June 6, naturally fills my heart with joy, but there is nothing as delightful as watching the girls entranced at a play. Well not just any play, but The Lion,The Witch and the […]

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Oh Canada

Years ago, too many to count, I went to Newfoundland to give a performance that was recorded by CBC radio. It was a re-enactment of a Jenny Lind concert, and someone had left the tap running in an adjacent bathroom. When I listened to the recording, all I could hear was ‘drip drip’. I don’t […]

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Lists: Bucket or Otherwise

I have always made lists. It’s the only way I can remember to do all the things I need to accomplish each day. Calendars are great for engagements, but daily lists are a necessity for me. I have pads all over the house so I can jot down my to-dos, and I often find old scraps of […]

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Exercise (Sigh)

I love food! The best thing about exercise is that you can eat, and not gain weight, as long as you aren’t a glutton. I don’t think of myself as a 70 something woman, not every day that is. But in terms of stamina, my energy level is not what it was thirty years ago. The […]

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Those Knees

About forty years ago I drove an adorable little red Fiat 850. It attracted and distracted a large pick up truck, causing its driver to go through a stop sign, and hit me broadside. My windshield shattered, and my left knee hit the dashboard. That’s when my knee problems started. It wasn’t until I fell […]

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