Spring 2023

Have you noticed that every year spring comes faster? Well there is spring and there is spring. Quite profound I know, but some years spring in Toronto just doesn’t happen. We go from cold and chilly usually when we return from Florida, to steamy hot. This year spring is really slow to develop. Lots of […]

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Quality of life

I often muse about what makes life good. I am now a senior, some would say old, however, I feel like a young woman, well maybe not young especially when I am exhausted after a round of 18 hole golf, or start to feel little aches and pains. I have had a partial knee replacement, […]

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Barge Trip in Champagne

We had booked a barge trip before Covid and finally decided to take it this past summer of ’22 after our Globe and Mail trip to Bordeaux. A little crazy it seemed, but we were already in France and just needed to fly from Bordeaux to Paris to meet up with the Barge people at […]

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Florida sojourn 2021/2022

We arrived in Florida in November this year and it has been wonderful, with lots of activities and time spent with old friends. The weather has been glorious, and not so glorious, but certainly much better than Toronto’s winter. We are blessed! Now I have spent much time musing about growing older particularly when I […]

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Autumn in the City

The fall turned out to be very busy. Concerts were happening in halls, and restaurants were open indoors, all of course allowed if you were vaccinated. And we were. So we decided to attend an absolutely brilliant concert of the Sondheim musical Follies. My dear friend, Richard Ouzounian, had been telling us about the performance […]

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Summer 2021

It was a beautiful summer here in Ontario, but now fall has arrived with lots of rain and a real unpleasant chill in the air. I promised to tell you about our visits to Stratford and other events that took place in August. Things are changing in the Covid department, in that fully vaccinated people […]

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