Covid Autumn 2020

I look out my window and I see snow, not a lot of snow, but snow. It has been 18 years since we have been in Toronto for winter weather, and so far it is not bad, especially on a sunny day. However, I am writing today about the end of summer, the beautiful autumn. […]

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Covid Summer 2020 Pt. 2

Now that it is autumn, we are starting to get ready for the winter ahead, our first in Toronto in 19 years! I told you before about our patio heater. The plan is to eat outdoors as long as we can with blankets on our knees, the patio heater blazing, and a variety of lights […]

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Covid Summer of 2020

Before I begin I want to apologize for being so long in publishing this latest blog. I work in a program called WordPress and it is a very professional platform, but recently they have changed the way you edit your writing and I, just a simple little senior, okay not so simple, or little, have […]

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Savannah Sojourn

I have now been sheltering at home, as they say, for 7 weeks, and you would think that it would be easy to go upstairs into my airy office, with a window on the street, and start to write. I have a schedule everyday to help with this new way of living, but it seems […]

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A challenging time-March 2020

I have been slow to write about our wonderful trips in December and January. It just seems that life has intervened, but now that I am on a 14-day self-isolation after travelling home to Toronto from our home in Florida, I have some serious time. I feel compelled to talk about the ‘virus’ and our […]

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Summer in the City 2019 Part. Two

It finally feels like summer here in Toronto and it is glorious. Since we returned from Florida in late April, we have enjoyed many wonderful cultural events. I like to attend the spring opera offerings of The Canadian Opera Company, and this year we saw Puccini’s La Bohème and Verdi’s Otello. Both were excellent productions. […]

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