South Africa coming soon

It is that time of year; the wonderful, crazy, breathless Christmas season. My intention was to write about our incredible South African trip before we got deep into Christmas, but alas it will have to wait for a few weeks.

We are heading off on a month long journey which of course I will record for you. We leave on the 26th of December and head north to Quebec where we will spend a few days with our grandchildren, Rose, and June celebrating Chrunukah, my version of Christmas and Hunukah. Then we head across the country to Vancouver where we will meet our newest grand daughter, Sway, who will be all of two and a half weeks. I can’t wait to hold her.

After that, we embark on a trip to the Far East flying to Hong Kong for a few days, then to Singapore and then on a cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong travelling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. My plan is to write when I am aboard our small ship, the Sojourn, part of Seabourns fleet. I will keep notes of the voyage as we experience it, and write about our South African sojourn then.

I wish you all a healthy and peaceful 2017 and beyond, and I look forward to calm waters and writing.