Suddenly 70

Somewhere I lost 30 years, and this just amazes me. I am no longer a sexy 40-year-old who can stop traffic on a busy street. It seems only a few years ago that I met, fell in love, and married my husband, Charles. We joked about staying together for a 30-year renewable contract, and both thought it unlikely that we would stay together that long.

We were hot then, making love at every opportunity; out every night, arguing fiercely then making up, discussing ideas, travelling, raising three young boys, (my new stepsons), and planning our future together. I learned how to ski, sail and cycle. I also learned how to apologize and to compromise. I learned how to hug.

Now, all of a sudden 30 years has vanished. We are grandparents and retired. We are not making love at every opportunity, but planning our romantic moments carefully, and holding hands more often. We read more, watch more television, take more naps (I was always a power napper), and argue less.

Charles is my soul mate, and came into my life just after my daughter Carrie died.  I am not going to go into that here, but I am going to talk about turning 70, and learning to accept the new reality. Well, almost. I can still be very silly and act like a kid, but there is a strategy to enjoying this age where I now find myself.

Even though I don’t feel like a senior (I hate that word except when it gets you into movies at a discount), I am a senior, well maybe even a few years over 70. Okay so I am in my 70’s and it is not so bad, in fact certainly way better than the alternative. Thanks to Aleve, Nexium, a hearing aid, and moisturizer, it is doable. It is more than doable. Most days are pretty terrific.

I am going to share my experiences and stratagems of being 70 and embracing these years because even if you are 50 and reading this, I can guarantee that if you have good health, you too will reach your 70’s. Perhaps I can help you get there and enjoy being there.

I plan to discuss all the fun things that happen to women on the way to this milestone. Things like wrinkles, bat wing arms, thicker waists, scrawny necks, knees, muffin tops, teeth, feet; the body parts in general and in particular. I will discuss exercise, diet, vitamins, sunblock, reading glasses, physical health and sickness, mental health and dementia, widowhood, divorce, romance, food, fun, loneliness, self-improvement, and learning. Fashion and hair will be considered, and I will share my 5 keys to happiness. I will talk about opera and theatre, restaurants, travel, pets, friends, hobbies, entertaining, and bucket lists. Oh, and I almost forgot the big M – memory. If there is a topic I have not touched I am open to suggestions and questions.

All the details of my life as an opera singer, a foster daughter, a Yukon housewife, a survivor of a mother’s suicide, and two divorces, is recorded in my book, Aria: Song of a Life, available on Amazon. You can check all that out on my website


I am looking forward to getting started. I hope you will follow me.


12 thoughts on “Suddenly 70

  1. Nice! We all need a little help weathering the challenges we are facing in our 70’s! How did we get here!


  2. You are still beautiful,talented,smart and engaged. You make 70 look like the new 50.. Look forward to your insights and warnings.


  3. Riki. You are a brave soul to take on this task of writing about “everything” !! Bravo to you !!
    I too am lucky to be in your age bracket and happy to be here ! Many are less fortunate to not be able to reach 60-70+. I count my blessings, and I too understand how important it is to start young taking care of yourself.. Many, both men and women, begin at 60 – too late !
    I will happi
    ly follow your journey with you with pleasure ! Happy writing !!


  4. Riki, What a great idea and very interesting, I will follow your Blogs and interested in what you have to say. You continue to look amazing and are a real inspiration. Let’s get together when you are back in Florida.


  5. Riki You are an enteresting person with
    many talents! I look forward to our
    golf times together at Mission Inn.
    Keep up the good work ,and you truly brought tears to my eyes when you sang
    (even if I didn’t know the words!)
    Much love your way💕


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