Summer 2021

It was a beautiful summer here in Ontario, but now fall has arrived with lots of rain and a real unpleasant chill in the air. I promised to tell you about our visits to Stratford and other events that took place in August. Things are changing in the Covid department, in that fully vaccinated people […]

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Beautiful Province Part 2

My favourite hotel in Vancouver is the Rosewood, or the old Georgia. In fact they have kept many of the Georgia icons, like the exterior of the elevator. I like the Executive room with a view of the Vancouver Art Gallery so I can keep track of protests, art displays, concerts etc. And I really […]

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The beautiful province

Every time I travel to British Columbia, I am astounded at its beauty. Although Charles and I consider ourselves to be in the travel chapter of our retirement, there have been no flights on planes, or vacation trips anywhere. Hello Covid! So our planned trip out west to visit our kids was almost like a […]

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Spring south and north

I write this blog in two places. When I am in Florida, I write in a shared den/office with Charles and I look out a window at my bird feeder, where there are usually cardinals gathered, and a wonderful vista of a nearby hill. Although we sit side by side we often send emails to […]

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Carpe Diem 2021

Both Charles and I were settled in for a long winter in Toronto with our parkas and snow boots, new snow blower, wonderful fireplace and great food delivery from our favourite restaurants. I kept bringing up the subject of sheltering in place in our home in Florida, as it was definitely warmer there, and we […]

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Baby winter of Covid 2020

Why, you might wonder, have I named this latest blog ‘baby winter’. In fact, my daughter in law, Lara, who lives in Quebec, said that I hadn’t seen anything of winter as December had been unusually mild, not much snow, and to just wait until January and February arrive. Well as it turns out, Charles […]

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Covid Autumn 2020

I look out my window and I see snow, not a lot of snow, but snow. It has been 18 years since we have been in Toronto for winter weather, and so far it is not bad, especially on a sunny day. However, I am writing today about the end of summer, the beautiful autumn. […]

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Covid Summer 2020 Pt. 2

Now that it is autumn, we are starting to get ready for the winter ahead, our first in Toronto in 19 years! I told you before about our patio heater. The plan is to eat outdoors as long as we can with blankets on our knees, the patio heater blazing, and a variety of lights […]

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