Carpe Diem 2021

Both Charles and I were settled in for a long winter in Toronto with our parkas and snow boots, new snow blower, wonderful fireplace and great food delivery from our favourite restaurants. I kept bringing up the subject of sheltering in place in our home in Florida, as it was definitely warmer there, and we […]

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Baby winter of Covid 2020

Why, you might wonder, have I named this latest blog ‘baby winter’. In fact, my daughter in law, Lara, who lives in Quebec, said that I hadn’t seen anything of winter as December had been unusually mild, not much snow, and to just wait until January and February arrive. Well as it turns out, Charles […]

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Covid Autumn 2020

I look out my window and I see snow, not a lot of snow, but snow. It has been 18 years since we have been in Toronto for winter weather, and so far it is not bad, especially on a sunny day. However, I am writing today about the end of summer, the beautiful autumn. […]

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Covid Summer 2020 Pt. 2

Now that it is autumn, we are starting to get ready for the winter ahead, our first in Toronto in 19 years! I told you before about our patio heater. The plan is to eat outdoors as long as we can with blankets on our knees, the patio heater blazing, and a variety of lights […]

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Covid Summer of 2020

Before I begin I want to apologize for being so long in publishing this latest blog. I work in a program called WordPress and it is a very professional platform, but recently they have changed the way you edit your writing and I, just a simple little senior, okay not so simple, or little, have […]

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Savannah Sojourn

I have now been sheltering at home, as they say, for 7 weeks, and you would think that it would be easy to go upstairs into my airy office, with a window on the street, and start to write. I have a schedule everyday to help with this new way of living, but it seems […]

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At Home Spring 2020

I had been planning to write about our visits to Savannah, and then beaches of New Smyrna and Fernandina, but I am sheltering at home as they say, for Covid 19, and thought at this time perhaps it would be more pertinent to share my experience or rather ours as a family;  my husband, Charles, […]

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A challenging time-March 2020

I have been slow to write about our wonderful trips in December and January. It just seems that life has intervened, but now that I am on a 14-day self-isolation after travelling home to Toronto from our home in Florida, I have some serious time. I feel compelled to talk about the ‘virus’ and our […]

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