My Florida Part 1

I have been a snowbird since I was a tot. If you have read my book see: Aria: Song of a Life at, you might remember my stories of travelling each winter down to Florida with my family for spring training of the then Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team. My father was a photographer, […]

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Summer In the City Part Two

When I first started writing Suddenly 70, I promised I would touch on many topics. You have shared my adventures around the world, and that will continue, but I will also talk about being a grand parent, facing old age, sickness, death and the big M- memory. This past summer in Toronto the weather was […]

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More South African Dream

The Cape Winelands in South Africa is a particularly beautiful region of majestic mountains and valleys, small historic towns, breathtaking scenery and wine estates. We visited two areas, Franschoek and Stellenbosch, but one of the highlights was a stop at the Cheetah Outreach Center. Our grand daughter, Rose, has a fascination with Cheetahs so I […]

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Viva Italia Part 3

Saturday morning cappuccinos, croissants, and eggs in the funky restaurant at the Palazzo Vittoria in Verona, and we are ready to depart for Florence. Car brought around, we load up and head off for our two and a half hour journey. En route Charles is trying to get us to make a diversion to Modena […]

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During my performing years I spent a great deal of time learning repertoire, performing operas and concerts, travelling to engagements, and bringing up a child. I would meet other performers for brief sojourns and keep in touch, but I never experienced the fun and camaraderie of girlfriend time. My sister has always been my best […]

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Invasion of the Body Parts

When I buy a new car I expect it to run for a few years before I have to fix anything major. It is the same for household appliances, bikes, computers, roofs, grass. You name it. Everything has a design life or so it seems; even us. The list of parts and repairs that we […]

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Exercise (Sigh)

I love food! The best thing about exercise is that you can eat, and not gain weight, as long as you aren’t a glutton. I don’t think of myself as a 70 something woman, not every day that is. But in terms of stamina, my energy level is not what it was thirty years ago. The […]

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Those Knees

About forty years ago I drove an adorable little red Fiat 850. It attracted and distracted a large pick up truck, causing its driver to go through a stop sign, and hit me broadside. My windshield shattered, and my left knee hit the dashboard. That’s when my knee problems started. It wasn’t until I fell […]

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Sun Savvy

I had never slept in a bathtub full of cool water before, but after my first really bad sunburn in Nassau, that’s where I spent the night. I was a newlywed and was on my first trip to the Caribbean. My brother-in-law, who was dark skinned, and tanned easily, mixed a concoction of iodine and […]

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